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since 1996

3D Product Design

Product development (or product design) refers to the stages involved in taking a physical product to market from concept to distribution. BP Nel Consulting are mechanical engineers who specialise in product design, tool design, and project management for injection moulding, blow moulding, vaccuum forming, and sheet metal fabrication. 

Since 1996, BP Nel, a graduate mechanical engineer, has completed more than 1000 projects. Ben has a particular interest in automotive, agriculture, medical, electrical and electronic, telecommunication, sporting equipment, and consumer products. The company assists clients develop their innovative ideas into economically manufactured products. See more about the stage of product development at our blog.

Why should I choose a mechanical engineer to help me with product development?

Mechanical engineers are highly skilled at designing for manufacture. In addition to taking a client’s idea from art to manufactured product, they take into account economics and investigate the most desirable manufacturing process. That is, mechanical engineers optimize the client’s design so that it follow the most economic mass manufacturing process.

How do mechanical engineers differ from industrial designers?

The focus of each engineering field is one of the biggest differences. Mechanical engineers design, develop and produce mechanical systems. They have a broad scope of skill and are largely involved in optimising processes. On the other hand, industrial designers focus on the aesthetic look and feel of the product. Although both engineering disciplines are involved in product development (and many focus areas overlap), mechanical engineers may have a heads up when it come to product design because of their focus on manufacturing as a whole.

Can BP Nel Consulting help me design my product?

Yes. Our team of mechanical engineers will help you with the prototyping and testing stages of product development. We are especially skilled in plastic injection moulding and mould flow analysis, high pressure die casting, finite element analysis, vacuum forming, blow moulding, and sheet metal fabrication.

Have a unique idea? Ask us how we can assist you develop a patent.

Design for injection molding - Electrical Multi Adaptor