Patent Development

If you have a unique idea for a product we can assist you with valuable information on where to start and what process to follow. Our process starts with signing of a Non-Disclosure document. We can then meet to discuss a roadmap for your development process. We assist clients with the following:

Patent Development

What was first: the chicken or the egg. It is kind of the same when it comes to going to see a patent attorney. A big requirement for drafting a patent is “Claims” and you can’t really make claims before you have done some product development. We will assist you with all the steps required before you can see a patent attorney.

Product Design

With Product design we have 26 years experience and have completed more than a 1000 products. We have specialist knowledge in a number of manufacturing processes and have completed some of the most challenging products for the automotive, mining and manufacturing industries.


We can generate 3D printed products in plastic and steel. We can also produce CNC manufactured prototypes and small production runs.

Market Analysis

We assist our clients with market analysis on international trends on how well their products would perform on international sales platforms.


We assist our clients with manufacture of plastic injection moulded components.  We also assist with aluminium fabrication and assembly of equipment, hydro dipping, printing and packaging of their products.

Selling your Product
We offer to sell our clients qualifying products on our own branded website: us for further information.