Product Design

Injection Molding

We have specialist knowledge in plastic injection molding and assist clients with Mold Flow analysis and Finite Element Analysis to optimize their products.

High Pressure Die Casting

We have advanced knowledge in design for high pressure die casting and have assist Automotive companies to develop tooling.

Finite Element Analysis

We assist clients to optimize their products with Finite Element Analysis, Impact Analysis, Dynamic Simulations and Calculation of unknown forces.

Vacuum Forming

We can assist with the product design as well as the tool design for vacuum formed products.

Blow Molding

We assist our clients with internal volume calculations, label areas and cambers for tooling. We can also calculate the lifetime limits of clip caps.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We assist clients with products for sheet-metal fabrication. We have extensive knowledge with regards to bending and welding of mild steel and stainless steel products.